Hyche Center for Sensory & Motor Learning

Pediatric Occupational , Physical, Speech Therapy
 and Counseling 

Occupational, Physical, Speech Therapy 

Counseling and Psychological Services 

Occupational Therapy

Our OTs specialize in treating infants and children whose development or function has been delayed or interrupted as a result of medical, neurodevelopmental, musculoskeletal, or behavioral reasons. Our OTs work with children who have feeding concerns, social-emotional deficits, limited play skills, poor handwriting, and delays in daily living activiites including grooming and  dressing. 
Treatment models include Sensory Integrative by a trained SI therapist or under the direct supervision of a SI therapist, Nerodevelopmental treatment and  Model of Human Occupation,  We are also certified Interactive Metronome providers. 


Leann Oliver is a licensed professional counselor (LPC). She provides services at the Hyche Center for children with a variety of concerns and diagnosis including anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma and behavioral issues. 

Speech and Language Pathology 

Our speech therapist works with infants, toddlers and children with a variety of speech and language delays and disorders. Our speech therapist work with children with functional communication deficits that interfere with social skills, limited expressive and receptive  language,  articulation deficits, hearing loss, language comprehension, apraxia and feeding and swallowing disorders. NMES treatment is available for children with swallowing disorders by a certified therapist. Our speech therapist also provide augmentative communication training.

Physical Therapy

Physcial Therapy works with children with movement disorders, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, ataxia, spina bifida, down syndrome, developmental delay, post-surgical needs, gross motor incoordinations and low tone. 

Physical Therapy works to improve coordination and decrease awkwardness, improve general muscle tone and balance, promote coordination for advanced activities like sports and riding a bike, strength and functional coordination to allow increased independence in bathing/stair climbing/ community mobility.Our physical therapy staff provide recommendation for orthotics, wheelchairs and other equipment needs. Physicla therapy staff are also certified Interactive Metronome providers.