Hyche Center for Sensory & Motor Learning

Pediatric Occupational , Physical, Speech Therapy
 and Counseling 

                Sensory Modulation

                  "ability to regulate self"

        Over Responsive = too much stimuli

        Under Responsive = too little stimuli

            Seeking = searching for stimuli

             Sensory Discrimination 

     "ability to recognize difference in stimuli"

                  Sensory Based Motor 

                   Postural Based = low tone 

        Dyspraxia = poor coordination, planing,                   executing or terminating of task

The Ayers Sensory Integration is a specific treatment approach requiring additional training, a sensory rich environment and an individualized designed treatment plan. Karen Hyche is sensory certified (SIPT). The certified occupational therapists at the Hyche Center all have sensory integration training. More information regarding Sensory Integration. 

Children with Sensory Processing Disorder often have problems with skills required for school success and daily living skills. They often suffer from emotional, social, and educational problems, including the inability to make friends or be a part of a group, poor self-concept, academic failure, and being labeled clumsy, uncooperative, belligerent, disruptive, or "out of control." Anxiety, depression, aggression, or other behavior problems can follow. Parents may be blamed for their children's behavior by people who are unaware of the child's "hidden handicap," because the children look “normal” or “typical”, but do not behave typically.

Karen Hyche is Sensory Integrative Certified, 1 of 12 in Alabama
Visit the STAR Foundation for more information: https://www.spdstar.org/basic/impact-and-treatment-of-spd