Hyche Center for Sensory & Motor Learning

Pediatric Occupational , Physical, Speech Therapy
 and Counseling 

We offer Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy services as well as counseling services. We offer traditional therapy services in addition to specialy services. Speciality services include: 

  •      Behavior / Social-Emotional Development: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma,                          Sensory Processing and Austism
  •      Feeding and Swallowing disorders including food sensitivity and NMES for swallowing
  •      Interactive Metronome 
  •      Augmentative Communication
  •      Gait training and orthotic recommendations
  •      Tortocolis 
  •      Bracial Plexus
  •      Infant Massage

     Why refer to The Hyche Center?

Children often require multiple therapies. Families are able to receive all therapies in one location by pediatric therapist. We provide family education to improve outcomes of each child. 

We work with you and your office to ensure all documentaion is in order and we bill insurance companies for families. 

We accept Medicaid and Blue Cross and offer sliding scale fee.