Hyche Center for Sensory & Motor Learning

Pediatric Occupational , Physical, Speech Therapy
 and Counseling 


We provide a variety of therapies to assist your child in reaching their full potential. 

Pediatric occupational therapy helps children gain independence while also strengthening the development of fine motor skills, sensory motor skills, and visual motor skills that children need to function and socialize. Sensory integration techniques are used to improve feeding, behavior and social - emotional skills. Occupational therapist work with children to improve their independence with grooming, bathing, dressing and play skills. They also work with children to improve attention, focus, ocular moto, visual motor and visual perceptual skills necessary to reach their highest academic performance. 

The role of the pediatric physical therapist is to evaluate and provide treatment for delays in motor skills by developing the strength and range of motion that children need to move through their environment easily and effectively. Physical therapist work with children to improve flexibility, strength, posture, gait, balance, coordination to imrpove each child's independence.

Pediatric speech-language pathologists work to help children communicate effectively by assisting with the improvement of their verbal and non-verbal language skills.When therapists work with children on speech, they are working to  improve children’s articulation, (the sounds they can produce), decrease stuttering  (disfluency), or treat voice disorders.Speech therapist work with children to improve their receptive and expressive language. Our therapsit may use augmenative communciation to enhance a child's speech. Speech plathologist also work with children with swallowing disorders. Our therapist are trained to use Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), a treatment for dysphagia — a term used to describe swallowing disorders. 

Child counselors provide treatment to children and adolescents with mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders. They work with children  to help them  deal with a variety of challenges affecting happiness and stability. Child counselors  assist children dealing with current or past traumas, including abuse, bullying, ADHD, anxiety and depression.