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AAC or augmentative-alternative communication devices and systems.  AAC allows children who are not able to talk to use something else to communicate with those around them.  Speech-language pathologists are skilled in assisting children to communicate.  AAC may be considered as an option for non-verbal and minimally-verbal children. Two programs used at the Hyche Center are LAMP and Snap + Core First. 

Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) is a therapeutic approach using motor learning principles and a voice output communication aid to give non-verbal individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities a method to develop independent and spontaneous communication. Individuals using the LAMP approach learn to use words and build sentences to communicate their wants, needs and ideas by pressing buttons on a speech generating device.

Snap + Core First 

A companion for your literacy and learning journey.

Snap™ + Core First® is a symbol-based communication app designed to be the most intuitive solution on the market. Snap + Core First lets users start communicating quickly and stay engaged as they grow and evolve on their communication journey. Centered on Tobii Dynavox’s Core First approach to delivering a systematic, proven, research-based Core Word framework, this app provides the fastest and most efficient platform for communication for all users including students, parents, and teachers

AAC should be considered for any child when his/her speech output is not adequate to communicate everything that the child wants/needs to communicate.

Things to consider:

  • Child’s frustration levels
  • Adult frustration levels
  • Access to school curriculum
  • Participation in classroom activities
  • Ability to demonstrate knowledge to teachers
  • Access to home and community environment
  • Ability to interact appropriately with family and peers
  • Independence in developmentally-appropriate daily activities